Moon Yield Generation. More Deflation. Hold and Earn.


MOONDAO Protocol is an innovative BEP-20 token that uses complex algorithms to generate automatic gas-less yield rewards , incentivizes holding while stabilizing the price through automatically generating liquidity, providing an unbreakable price floor.

What makes MOONDAO truly Moon Shot ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ’ is the automatic market making mechanisms that guarantees an ever-lasting baseline liquidity (basically a price floor) that inches higher on each trade executed.

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Moon Yield Generation

3% of all transfers gets re-distributed instantly to all $MNDAO token holders. It automatically appears in your wallet. You can enjoy a passive yield farming mechanism without the explicit need of claiming your token.

Ever-Growing Liquidity Pool

3% of every $MNDAO transaction is automatically added to the PancakeSwap $MNDAO-BNB liquidity pool. This creates an unbreakable price floor inching higher for each day.

Fair Launch & Audit Complete

We love transparency. Therefore we have a fair launch where the presale price equals the listing price. LP tokens locked for 1 year. Fair distribution and audit complete by TechRate.

The black hole - dynamic deflation

Black hole

On launch, 60% of the total token supply is sent to the โ€œBlack Holeโ€ address.

As more fees are collected, the black hole grows, permanently burning a portion of tokens, and constantly taking supply out of circulation and leaving the BNB, ultimately raising the price floor each day.

This is achieved by using a burn address instead of a fixed burn fee. The burn address also known as the "Black Hole" also receives a percentage of the redistribution fee. At launch this percentage will be 60% but will keep rising as more tokens are accumulated in the Black Hole.

Token details

Fee Breakdown - 6% fee on each transaction

  • 3%: are re-distributed to all $MNDAO holders instantly.
  • 3%: is sent to build the $MNDAO/BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.
  • More Burn: On each transaction, a big portion of $MNDAO goes to the "Black Hole".